We're hiring: Digital Marketing Tech Admin!

January 27, 2020

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Do you LOVE the feeling of checking things off your To Do list?

Is unraveling a puzzle of emails, links, API’s, funnels, If/Then rules and A/B testing something that comes naturally to you?

Are you a self-starter, who enjoys working in a team environment?

Do you have visions to create a better world?

Do you dig into personal development, read books, work on yourself and like focusing on the positive?

Bonus: Do you want to help entrepreneurs become more successful by enhancing their online presence?

If you said YES to these questions, then you might be a good fit for our growing team.

We choose to bring in only the most good-hearted, visionary, inspiring, talented and hungry people into our Legacy Creative team and the world of online digital marketing and personal and business development.

Note: this is an entry-level position. Please only apply if you are certain you would be happy in this position.

But enough about us. Let's talk about you.

If you want to join our tribe, here's what you need to be:

  • Deeply passionate about making a powerful, positive difference in the world (because that feels good to you).
  • Hungry to learn how to build a business that makes great money and how to ensure a process that sees creative projects through to the end with excellence and precision.
  • Completely open (and excited) to learn new skills, engage in challenging conversations, oversee processes, help people get organized – keep them organized.
  • Able to take all necessary and concrete details from the folks on our fast-moving creative team and turn them into finished projects with websites, email funnels, landing pages, pop-ups, A/B tests, and analytics.

You still with us?


Then let's get into the mission at hand.

*A little about us.*

We're a Calgary based marketing agency that focuses on supporting some pretty cool clients. We work with business and personal development leaders to help them create their online presence and brand.

We are looking for someone great to be our Tech Admin glue around customer service, e-commerce, email marketing, funnel building, and website development. Someone who loves to pay attention to details and make sure that boxes are checked and clients are happy because all of the links work, the email timers are correct and the analytics are set up so we can track success. Mistakes are allowed in our culture. Constant improvement though is essential for a continued opportunity and mutual success!

This role is for you if:

  • Troubleshoot and problem solve is the middle name your parents didn’t give you (but should have).
  • Doing so lights you up your world.
  • The use of the words “processes” is akin to your childhood teddy bear
  • You love to learn and are willing to keep learning.

What Legacy Creative is Passionate About

At Legacy Creative, we are passionate about helping businesses who are passionate about what they do and whom they serve (their customers). We believe that this is the best way we can not only grow our business but help other people at the same time.

Because a NEW generation of online marketing is evolving. And this new online marketing involves social-media marketing, email marketing, funnel development, brand development, online reputation management, and intellectual property expansion. Collectively!

*What we need is someone who can join our team as the technology admin glue in our business. Whose primary focus is to make things work right consistently and at the speed of light… and provide stable client facing support.

*Someone who can learn the way we think and follow our processes helping to turn dreams into reality.

Someone who can work both with the project managers, marketing leaders and the other tech ninjas with a great team spirit. So, calling you a ‘Tech Admin’ doesn’t really do you justice, because you would be an integral and important part of our team. To fit well you must be organized, detail-focused, and able to organize multiple requests and hit (or exceed) deadlines like a zen master.

We are looking for your creativity, talent, and leadership to add value to our team. Which is also why it’s key that you’re able to work very effectively with our existing team.

Specific Skills & Experience we’d love you to have:

  • Administration so you know how to be organized
  • Customer Service so you're thinking about the client
  • Infusionsoft or similar softwares
  • Setting up email automation, timing, etc.
  • Wordpress
  • Hubspot
  • Active Campaign
  • Clickfunnels
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress (for installs, etc.)
  • Posting blog posts
  • Strong English
  • Proofreading skills
  • Tech-savvy & have studied marketing
  • It’s great if you understand HTML, CSS, but you are ok to work within the systems.
  • Connecting systems with APIs between systems that we use
  • Server management

The specifics of the position:

  • The position will start in early 2020.
  • Part-time contract to start with and moving to full-time quickly. 
  • You’ll have the option to work at home up to one day a week.
  • You will have 1-2 days of onboarding to our culture and role. Yes, we do want you to feel comfortable and have success!

You are right for this job if you:

  • Love tech and enjoy helping people and getting things on track (admin).
  • Have working experience in marketing and customer service.
  • Are willing to work with a team.
  • Have a thick skin and can handle working with a driven, talented and diverse team.
  • Instantly google the answer when you have a question.
  • Check and recheck links… because that’s how you’re wired.
  • Enjoy being a behind the scenes support role.
  • Have experience setting priorities in your work, and communicating clearly around expectations, deadlines, etc.
  • Are detail oriented who naturally reads all the steps.
  • You understand user experience, branding and what makes a great customer. experience. Have a selection of great customer services experiences.
  • Like being with people and still able to work independently.
  • Be willing to do a variety of projects on any given day. This means you might do some customer service one minute and be interacting with our team the next.
  • Are willing to be on call for marketing & customer service team, which occasional support on weekends.

Specifically, the type of work you do would look like:

  • Taking the funnel instructions and content you are given and developing the moving parts, this means setting up a funnel in the tech like Infusionsoft, building the landing page, making sure there is a thank you page and be sure the right tags are applied.
  • Checking work done by testing and making sure that all the links in an email, on a website or in an ad are working and that the analytics are tracking.
  • Finding holes in our business (like consistent client requests that we can create a system to improve their experience) and coming up with creative solutions to solve them and
  • Bring your past experience to help us be more effective & efficient!
  • Taking great notes during meetings and presentations and then executing the creative work that is sent your way, while noticing if something is missed or could be better (like for example, a better subject line on an email).
  • Making sure all essential analytics and tracking is set up, this means you have experience with google analytics and other similar tools.
  • Continuing to “show up,” no matter what, even when you don’t know what to do next or haven’t met one of your goals.
  • Asking more questions than necessary to get the all the details out onto paper and live in the digital world of the internet.

Here are a couple additional examples of how you would help:

  • Ex: a client isn’t getting their emails. Troubleshoot and fix whatever isn’t working so they do!
  • Ex: the web page isn’t working, why? Is it really not working, or does the client or team member need to clear their cache?
  • Ex: someone paid for something but instead of getting charged once, they got charged six times.

Now let’s talk about what skills you need (or will want to acquire) to rock this job:

  • Some project management experience (essentially, you've helped take a project from point A to point B).
  • Some business support and understanding of why a business would want a funnel to help drive revenue and/or leads.
  • We don’t have any time to waste on drama so if you like office politics, this job wouldn't be a good fit for you.
  • Ability to work independently and make decisions on your own and work on a team. You are not a good fit for this position if you don’t know how to admit you don’t know something and ask for help.
  • Also, Google is a great resource for answers.
  • Willing to learn Wordpress, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, HubSpot (or any sass based automated marketing CRM) Zapier, Hosting platforms, Affiliate tracking, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, and the willingness to learn what you need to get your job done on your own time.
  • Tech skills or the ability to maneuver through our project-management software, social-media sites, and website.
  • Some proofreading experience would be a plus – although it’s not a must. It would be nice if while you were setting up an email campaign you noticed if a word was spelled wrong or a part of the funnel didn’t make logical sense.
  • If you have at least a couple of years experience in this field which includes studying some combination of Ryan Diess, Brendan Burchard, Hubspot university, Marie Forleo, MindValley, Marketing Sherpa, Gary V, Brian Clark, Michael Hyatt or any other similar space leaders that is great (but not necessary).

The specifics of your opportunity:

For the first 90 days, you'll be on probation and get a competitive wage working full-time in our office (we are based in south Calgary near Lake Bonavista). After 90 days, your time and salary will be re-evaluated based upon your performance and the needs of the company.

This is about finding a great mutual fit. If you’re applying just because you need work, or want to do something new please save us both the email.

If you feel like this is a dream come true...


Job Types: Part-time, Freelance, Permanent

Salary: $25.00 to $28.00 /hour


  • Administration: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Digital Marketing: 1 year (Required)


  • English (Required)
Topics: team, Careers

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