Think Business Match Made In Heaven!

Why choose Legacy Creative?

When our clients first come to us, they’re often burnt out and frustrated by the chaos in their business. Trying to do everything themselves, or with a small team, just isn’t working.

Other clients aren’t so stressed, but they can smell the missed opportunities piling up all around them, and that’s why they’ve come to us.

No matter how strong your revenue is, or how much glowing praise is overflowing from your inbox, true entrepreneurs know that growth is a constant. That’s where we come in.

Passion is where it’s at.

We love this work. No, we really love it. That’s why we work with clients we admire and respect as human beings AND as creative innovators. You can trust that our passion for your body of work means that we will champion your projects with the gusto of a lifelong friend and the savvy of our 10+ years of industry experience.

All those brilliant ideas in your head? We will pull them off.

Some of our well-intentioned peers will issue directives and demands 10 minutes after meeting you. That’s definitely not our M.O. We want to understand the deeper motivations that drive you. We want to hear the vision and goals that keep you up at night. We listen, because that’s the only way to transform your bright ideas and grand ambitions from pipe dreams into a thriving reality.

We think “completion” is a sexy word.

There’s something that you know (like, deep-down-in-your-bones know) you’re here to do. It’s something your gut says you’re meant to give to the world; an outcome you’re here to achieve. Legacy Creative works as well as it does, because our passion is taking your deep-seated ambitions and applying the practicalities, efficiencies and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease required to GET IT DONE. Most people think they’re action-oriented - beyond a shadow of a doubt, we know we are.

Our Process

After our first meeting(s) with your team, our team gets to work on what needs to be done to achieve that massive outcome you know you are here to fulfill.


What we're known for

Brand Conception

This is the complete process for birthing a brand. Who are you? What are you doing? How are you known in the marketplace? Build a brand identity from the ground up.

Brand Bibles

A touchstone document that provides distinct guidelines on how your brand is represented. A brand bible lives at the heart of your content creation, ensuring that everything your customers encounter is consistent with your brand intentions.

Graphic Design

As attention spans continue to drop, top-notch graphic design is even more vital. The visuals you’re sharing should be strategically created to support your brand vision and marketing objectives.

Web Architecture & Design

The quality of a user’s experience on your site can be the difference between a lifelong customer and a missed opportunity. Good architecture and design are timeless.


Delivering words (whether written or spoken) that inspire people to take a specific action is an artform. Excellent copy raises brand awareness and revenue.

Funnel Building

A smartly designed funnel converts casual website visitors to inspired followers and customers. The best funnels require a clear strategy and technical know-how.

Strategic Planning

Without clear priorities, well managed resources, and a strong operational framework, talented employees lose focus, and lucrative opportunities are missed. Companies thrive when their workforce is working towards a common goal.

Traffic Generation

What is your best lead generation strategy? How will you get the right people’s attention? How can you increase the number of clicks? Inbound marketing is the linchpin of building an online business.

Metrics & Analytics

How many people visit your website each month? Who are they? How did they find you? What were they looking for? A robust system that can answer these questions gives you valuable data from which to adjust or create strategic plans.

Program Creation

The market for online programs continues to soar. Sharing your expertise and hard-won wisdom in a digital program adds value to your customers while freeing up your time and your bottom line.

Membership Site

A custom-designed membership site streamlines your customer’s experience by providing a digital hub that organizes your content, while also building community among your audience.


The credibility and instant marketing impact that comes from professional quality video is unmistakeable. Whether you’re a star on camera or not, video is a surefire way to grow your influence.