Our Story

Our founder, Andrea Reindl, has been running businesses since she was 16 years old - a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur.

It says a lot about who we are that we’re lead by a marketing maven who regularly flies around the world to jam with thought leaders on branding personas, launch strategy and messaging psychology.

In a nutshell, we’re a team of finishers who think it’s fun (and frankly, a privilege) to help good people with good messages, build the infrastructure that will amplify their message to the world.

Here are a few things that speak to the heart of who we are:
  • It’s not worth it to us if we don’t look up to you. We have massive respect for every single one of our clients, and that makes our work that much more meaningful.
  • We pride ourselves on high quality work without crazy high agency rates.
  • We always tell it like it is. Transparency and straightforwardness matter. A LOT.
  • We love working with clear communicators who know what they want and are ready to MOVE. We’re movers.
  • We work smart, without ever skimping on quality. Efficiency and excellence can (and should) coexist.
  • And most importantly, we believe that every time we help a client work fewer hours while earning more, somewhere, the bartender gives everyone a free round.

Meet Our team

Andrea Reindl

Founder & CEO
Andrea’s innovative strategies lead to the results you want to see. She has been running businesses for over 20 years, starting with custom bra fitting sales at age 16. She’s seen it all and knows exactly how to get your message to the right audience. She’s the kind of leader who can wear a cape for 6 months, raise two kids and gut a chicken without breaking a sweat. At the helm of Legacy Creative, Andrea’s quirky and creative approach is like nothing you’ve seen. She’s doing things differently, which is exactly why it works.

Jackie Dumaine

Creative Director
Jackie is like the team mom. In other words, she just gets it. She knows what’s going on before anything is even said, she has that magical intuition. Jackie is always trying to learn, make connections and think outside of the box. With an extensive background in business development, marketing, brand strategy and coaching, she brings really interesting perspectives to the team. She is all about culture and branding, knowing all of the different nuances you need to implement in any campaign to succeed. When people get excited about their ideas, and get into a one track mind, Jackie can bring big and innovative ideas to the table that no one else would have thought of, making her a true visionary leader, in every sense of the word.

Natalie Reindl

Operations Manager
Natalie is the glue holding our operations together. Trained as a legal assistant, Natalie keeps us all in line and makes sure we get paid. She is also the operations guru for our clients, helping to meet their operational needs. Another great thing about Natalie is her assistant, her dog Kobe, who helps both of them stay organized, efficient and on track. Natalie is also our CEO Andrea’s sister, so you know you can count on her to keep even the boss in line.

Taija Morgan

Taija’s the one with all the words. She’s a superstar with degrees in sociology and psychology from the University of Calgary and a serious way with words. As a professional editor and published author, Taija will get your words right. Although she writes and publishes horror stories in her spare time, Taija can take anything you throw at her and churn out a clear, powerful message, taking all your fears away (see what we did there?).

Vinnel Virgines

Graphic Designer
Vinnel is going to design her way straight into your heart. As a graduate with perfect grades from SAIT’s New Media, Production and Design program, she’s the one you can turn to for innovative, visually stunning design. She’s the quietest one in the office, but when the team does escape rooms, she’s the only one who can get us out (thanks again!). Her brain is in all the right places and her work proves it.

Marty Phung

Creative Project Manager
Marty’s your man if you need effective design and a strategy that makes a splash. He graduated from the University of Alberta with BA of Commerce and a Marketing Specialization and also received a certificate in Graphic Communication from NAIT. Aside from his impressive credentials, the true reason we hired Marty was because he brought a box of chocolates to his interview. So what we’re trying to say is that Marty’s creative, but he still gets results.

Kelsy Toker

Senior Project Manager
Kelsy’s got the plan, the answers and the ability to give you complete peace of mind. An expert in project management, Kelsy’s superpower lies in her ability to take ownership of a project from start to finish. No detail is too small and no crisis is too big for Kelsy, she’s got it under control. As a passionate Spartan racer and diligent food prepper, you’ll know your project is in good hands when it’s handled by this super-achiever.

AJ Toker

Technical Support
AJ is our tech whiz that knows how to build and maintain the systems that keep us and our clients running smoothly. Drawing on his past life as a certified automotive mechanic, AJ is our master for everything tech. With both the skills and intuition to keep everything running smoothly, his disciplined, adaptable approach to problem solving is invaluable to the countless tech blunders we face everyday. We’d be nothing without AJ, and we’re sure you’ll love him too.

Sarah Ewashen

Graphic Designer
Sarah’s detailed artistry will tell your story in a beautiful way, right down to the gruelling details. Trained at ACAD, Sarah has the skills and vision to make your brand come to life. Fuelled by insane amounts of coffee, Sarah always produces the most eye-catching, creative designs for our clients. When she’s not working, Sarah is camping and drawing inspiration from nature. You can trust Sarah to have the vision to get your brand noticed and your message received.

Angela Cooke

Social Media & Community Manager, JV Relationship Manager
Angela wears a few hats around here and looks great in each one. Angela studied business marketing at SAIT, so she knows what she’s doing around here. She loves organizing projects and seeing how they evolve from start to finish. When she’s off the clock, you’ll find Angela hitting up the golf course trying to play a round in the 70s, or maybe playing some bingo at the nearest Royal Canadian Legion. Most importantly though, Angela is here to help others succeed, meaning each time Angela wins, you’re likely winning too.

Ben Carr

IT Support Intern
Ben’s so fast, we can’t keep up with him and his tech savvy ways. He’s currently studying computer science at Mount Royal University, so he has a lot of tech smarts. The self-proclaimed ‘least interesting person in the office’ lapped everyone like 8 times when we went go-karting, so he’s probably more interesting than at least one person. He’s best known for completing tasks in a record time, keeping everything running ultra smooth for all our clients.

Kaitlyn Steel

Project Coordinator
Whenever we need help with anything, Kaitlyn swoops in and picks up the pieces. She’s the one who makes us look like we have it together. She’s always ready to do anything, whether it’s refilling our snack drawer, going through pages of website edits, or planning our fun team outings. She’ll seamlessly iron out any kinks in your project in between bites of chocolate covered mango. She’ll make you look good which makes us look good. We like her.

Lucy Skrypnek

JV Coordinator
Lucy is a born and raised Calgarian with a degree in Archeology. She is perhaps the most personable and chipper person you’ll ever meet, she’s always trying to learn more about people, make a connection and get the job done well, so in other words, she’s the PERFECT JV coordinator. In her free time you’ll probably find Lucy reading a book or matching a movie, always trying to expand her mind. So if you’re looking for good conversation or a project that needs doing, Lucy is your person.


Aaron wrote this bio about himself, because he is a writer. Writing is something that he does as much as sleep, which is a lot. Aaron enjoys a good glass of wine, an intriguing novel and food he can’t afford. This exposure to high quality stuff makes him crave quality in everything. He injects this quality in everything he touches, trying to capture exactly what the client needs. Anything you need written, Aaron can do it, even if you ask him to write about himself in third person.