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WildFit is a paleo-influenced 90-day revolutionary health challenge that uses behavioral psychology to permanently change the participant's relationship with food. By providing a supportive group coaching format and using sound health principles, WildFit ensures that their participants live a healthy lifestyle way after the 90-day challenge is completed. We swooped in and started working with the existing WildFit team to run the company operations, taking away the burden from the program founder Eric Edmeades.

Substantially increased revenue in the first quarter
Stabilized company, bringing in consistent revenue
Launched coaching certification program.

Feed A Billion

Feed a Billion is a non-profit organization that raises funds to feed children and families in need. By partnering with organizations that already have food distribution networks, they're able to provide 10 meals for each dollar they fundraise. We've worked with them from the start, building them from the ground up.

Clarified message to connect with audience
Created all marketing materials
Provided almost 2 million meals so far

Elite Coaching

Elite Coaching is a communication, business and self-empowerment system that enables chiropractors to grow the business side of their practice. In addition, they work with clients on a personal basis, using life-coaching principles to help clients reach their full potential in their chiropractic practice. We gave the founder of Elite Coaching, Dr. Fred DiDomenico, the support he needed to take Elite Coaching to the next level.

Graphic facelift with a new website and logo
Repositioned products, making them easier to sell
Provided an effective team to support growth

Anton Jae

Anton Jae provides business consulting to save struggling businesses. Their honest approach is incredibly effective in helping businesses fix their past and safeguard their future. Anton Jae specializes in CEO coaching, optimization and getting businesses prepped for acquisition. When we started working with Anton Jae, they had nothing in the way of marketing materials. We created their logo and graphic branding. We also helped them produce products and get them ready to sell by building an effective conversion funnel and facilitating a successful Anton Jae live event.

Completed graphic branding
Grew client base
Built sales funnel and facilitated live event

Venture Girls

Raising Girls to be Tomorrow's Leaders

This project was in infancy when we started working together. The team at Legacy Creative was part of creating the branding, building the website, deploying a social media presence and helping land a publishing deal.

Designed a Brand Bible
Developed Social Media Strategy
Helped Land A Publishing Deal

What People Are Saying


    She is a consummate professional who adds value to every undertaking in which she engages. Organized, efficient, resourceful and congenial, Andrea delights her customers and delivers results. Andrea understands consumer behaviors and employs effective marketing strategies to meet the varied and oftentimes lofty expectations of her customers. Working with Andrea is a pleasure. Those that are fortunate enough to do so, will have found a life-long business advocate and friend.


    The Legacy team is our go to source for anything branding and marketing. If you are looking for an easy button to crush your marketing plans this is the team for you.

    CEO, Anton Jae
  • I feel like I got a little college degree from working with this team. I started with zero, and now I have paying clients, opportunities to do more speaking and a business. I had to do the work and they supported me along the way.

    Writer/Founder, Michelle at Play